Our mission at Midfield Institute of Cosmetology (MIC) is to motivate and inspire students to learn the art and science of cosmetology. We will provide the student with an education that will enable them to reach their career and life goals with the knowledge and skills that will prepare them to become productive citizens in society.


Midfield Institute of Cosmetology believes in working with students to provide them with the knowledge and skills to become proficient cosmetologists of today. MIC has over 25 years of experience in academic excellence and advanced training. Midfield Institute of Cosmetology, will work to help the student develop into an experienced cosmetologist in order to meet the demand of today’s industry.


Simply, because we have the right cosmetology program just for you. Do you want to pursue an artistic career as a cosmetologist? By enrolling as a full time student you can complete the program in as little as twelve (12) months. We have a complete state approved curriculum that prepares you to pass the state licensing exam. Midfield Institute of Cosmetology provides you with hands on learning that give you the confidence of being that cosmetologist in demand. We offer an exceptional cosmetology curriculum that will put you, our future professional stylist on a path to success. YOU WILL GRADUATE FROM MIC WELL EDUCATED!!!


Manual and finger dexterity skills help cosmetologists make calculated, coordinated moves while styling and cutting a client’s hair. Cosmetologists must be able to grasp, manipulate and assemble items and handle small objects.


Standing consumes the majority of a cosmetologist's shift. A cosmetologist needs the physical capability to stand for long periods. In addition, cosmetologists will encounter repetitive motions -- such as blow-drying hair, brushing or holding arms in a fixed position while styling -- so they’ll need the physical capability to do so while maintaining a steady hand.

Technical Skills

A cosmetologist typically enrolls in a state-licensed cosmetology school. These programs are available through community colleges, vocational training programs and some high school programs. Education in technical skills can include hair cutting, styling, coloring and fashion.


A cosmetologist turns the human body into art -- through hair and makeup design. Being naturally creative is important, because cosmetologists must envision hairstyles on their clients or be able to mimic a style provided to them

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